R VS Lichniak - 25 Nov 02

Mandatory life sentence for murder has a denunciatory value, expressing society s view of a crime which has long been regarded with peculiar abhorrence.

India - Supreme Court

Vijay Dutt Through his wife Dr. (Mrs. ) Veena Dutt VS R. D. Nagpal Consultant Neuro-Surgeon, Jaslok Hospital and Research Center - 07 May 14

Negligence cannot be attributed to a doctor so long as he is performing his duties to the best of his ability and with due care and caution.

India - Consumer

Md. Yousuf VS Ramagundam Notified Area Committed - 17 Aug 86

AP MUNICIPALITIES ACT, 1965, Sec 277 - Levy of market fee on birds brought for sale in a Municipal Market-Valid Held : The intendment of the Legislature under the Act appears to be that if any animal or in ethnological sense any living being is brought into the public market for sale or sold in such market, it is liable to for levy and collection of market-fee Birds would be considered to be animals for the purposes of the Act and when they are brought into the public market for Sale or sold in such market, they are liable for levy and collection of market fee WP Dismissed

India - Andhra

Rakesh VS State of Rajashtan - 03 May 00

In absence of evidence that finger prints were given by accused voluntarily, finger print expert evidence that chance finger print tallied with specimen prints could not read against accused.

India - Crimes

State of Rajasthan VS Kalu Ram - 09 Apr 14

A. Indian Penal Code, 1860 Sections 363, 364, 376(2)(f), 302 and 201 The Facts that the dead body, weapon which had blood on it and clothes were found in the house of accused and also that the accused and deceased were seen together last have not been explained by the accused to disprove his guilt – Conviction is upheld – Appeal is not permitted. B. Indian Penal Code, 1860 Sections 363, 364, 376(2)(f), 302 and 201It has been held that the act of the accused comes under the category of the rarest of rare crimes which deserves death sentence – The accused is a tantrik and he committed rape and killed the victim cruel without any kind of provocation – Sentence of Death is correct and appropriate.

India - Rajasthan

Krishan VS State of Haryana - 04 Mar 09

Criminal Law--Murder--Circumstantial evidence--Hostile witness--Appeal against conviction--Case of blind murder as dead body of deceased was found lying in abandoned plot--Material witnesses not supporting case of prosecution and turned hostile--Chain of prosecution case not complete and link evidence missing--Prosecution story seems to be suspicious if statement of all witnesses alongwith circumstances are considered together--Circumstantial evidence not sufficient to hold accused guilty for alleged offence beyond reasonable doubt--Accused acquitted--|Penal Code, 1860, Section 302 and 201. (Paras 17, 18, 22, 23, 24 & 25)

India - Punjab

Kumaresan, In re. VS . - 27 Aug 80

Offence committed can not be held as murder.

India - Madras

R. Murugesan VS State rep. By Inspector of Police - 25 Nov 03

Murder committed under provocation without intention to cause death.

India - Madras

Babu and Another VS State by Inspector of Police, Ambur Police Station, North Arcot District - 28 Oct 96

Presumption may be drawn that accused also committed the murder.

India - Madras

Narayanan Sukumaran VS The State of Kerala - 30 Nov 99

Murder committed by a juvenile below 16 years of age.

India - Madras