R VS Lichniak - 25 Nov 02

Mandatory life sentence for murder has a denunciatory value, expressing society s view of a crime which has long been regarded with peculiar abhorrence.

India - Supreme Court

Umar Hayath Khan VS Mahaboobunnisaalias Munavar Sultana - 29 Aug 75

Divorced wife of a Muslim claiming maintenance.

India - Madras

Ranganathan VS State by Inspector of Police - 04 Jan 07

Culpable Homicide of wife is not murder.

India - Madras

Gordhan Jat VS Jagdish Jaat - 17 Apr 18

Civil Procedure Code - 1908 - Section 151 - Rule 14 - Order 7 – Justice - Delay - Arguments - Counsel for plaintiff submitted that documents in issue application under Order were certified copies of proceedings in suit no before Additional Civil Judge and Metropolitan Magistrate Metropolitan Their genuineness was and could not be in doubt and they were very material to adjudication of Issue Trial Court in plaintiffs suit for permanent injunction before Additional Civil Judge District - He submitted that delay in moving application could be compensated by appropriate costs being allowed to defendant – Held, Reliance placed by counsel for plaintiff on judgment passed by this Court in case of titled - Devi wife of Singh & Others is in opposite - Facts in aforesaid case were wholly different from ones instant case - Therein Trial Court had exercised its discretion under Order and a challenge thereto was negated by Court for reason of its disinclination to interfere with trial courts disc...

India - Rajasthan

Rakesh VS State of Rajashtan - 03 May 00

In absence of evidence that finger prints were given by accused voluntarily, finger print expert evidence that chance finger print tallied with specimen prints could not read against accused.

India - Crimes

Chinnasami alias Komutti VS State represented by Inspector of Police, Kaveripatnam, Dharmapuri District - 20 Mar 97

Murder of wife and sister-in-law by accused.

India - Madras

Krishan VS State of Haryana - 04 Mar 09

Criminal Law--Murder--Circumstantial evidence--Hostile witness--Appeal against conviction--Case of blind murder as dead body of deceased was found lying in abandoned plot--Material witnesses not supporting case of prosecution and turned hostile--Chain of prosecution case not complete and link evidence missing--Prosecution story seems to be suspicious if statement of all witnesses alongwith circumstances are considered together--Circumstantial evidence not sufficient to hold accused guilty for alleged offence beyond reasonable doubt--Accused acquitted--|Penal Code, 1860, Section 302 and 201. (Paras 17, 18, 22, 23, 24 & 25)

India - Punjab

Seema Verma VS Rohitash Kumar - 11 Mar 15

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Sec. 13, 28 read with Cr.P.C., 1973, Sec. 125 — Suit for divorce decreed on the ground of cruelty — Pending application u/Sec. 125 Cr.P.C. — Prayer of maintenance pendente lite and permanent alimony — Held — Pendency of an application u/Sec. 125 Cr.P.C., by the wife for maintenance cannot be a ground to refuse the directions for permanent alimony at the time of finally deciding a suit for divorce. (Para 10)Appeal disposed of. fgUnw fookg vf/kfu;e] 1955] /kkjk 13] 28 lifBr na-iz-la-] 1973] /kkjk 125 & fookg foPNsn gsrq okn Øwjrk ds vk/kkj ij fMØh gqvk & na-iz-la dh /kkjk 125 ds rgr vkosnu yfEcr & okn dkfyu Hkj.k iks"k.k ,oa LFkk;h fuokZfgdk dh izkFkZuk & vfHkfu/kkZfjr & Hkj.k iks"k.k gsrq iRuh }kjk nk;j /kkjk 125 na-iz-la- ds rgr vkosnu dk yfEcr gksuk fookg foPNsn gsrq okn ds vfUre :i ls fofuf'pr gksus ds le; ij LFkk;h fuokZfgdk gsrq funsZ'kksa ls badkj djus dk vk/kkj ugha gks ...

India - Rajasthan

Savitri Devi VS Onkar Lal - 10 May 10

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 – S. 24 and Family Courts Act, 1984 – S. 19 Interim maintenance – wife filed an Appeal for raise in the interim maintenance – wife has submitted her evidence date was given to the husband to submit his evidence – wife contended that it was not taken in to account by the Family Court that the husband has already received revised pension – after the impugned order was passed it came to the knowledge of the court – evidence was produced by the appellant wife – Directed to consider the evidence before the matter is decided.

India - Rajasthan


The barbaric and brutal murder of wife calls for death sentence.

India - Supreme Court